Software Development

Programming Languages

  • Simple Scripts (e.g. checking logs, running commands, etc.): Bash
  • Building Software Projects: Python
  • Web Development: JavaScript

Project Development

Python Development

Project Components

  • Enviroment Management: conda
  • Package Management: poetry
  • Unit tests framework: pytest
  • Managing and Maintaining pre-commit hooks: pre-commit
  • Interactive Notebooks: Jupyter

Software Engineering Tools

  • Code Formatter: black
  • Static Type Checker: mypy
  • Remove unused imports: pycln
  • Sort imports: isort
  • Configuration Management: pydantic
  • Rich text and beautiful formatting: rich
  • Logging framework: loguru

Machine Leanring and Artificial Intelligence

Programs that I use


Software Engineering


  • Research Paper Manager: Zotero
  • Paper Tracking: Notion
  • Note-Taking on iPad: OneNote for annotating on PDF and GoodNotes for writing notes from scratch